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Minnesota DeafBlind Association - MDBA Since 1979

Minnesota DeafBlind Association


DeafBlind people empowering each other as a diverse cultural community

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General Information
Conferences for or about deafblind people


American Association of the Deaf-Blind (AADB)

MDBA is the Minnesota affiliate of AADB. AADB is "a national consumer advocacy organization for people who have combined hearing and vision impairments. AADB is open to all persons who are deaf-blind and individuals directly concerned with their well being, including spouses, children, friends, and health care professionals. Seeks to encourage independent living for individuals who are deaf-blind. Provides technical assistance to persons who are deaf-blind, families, educators, and service providers."


DeafBlind International (DbI)

"As deafblindness is a low incidence disability the extent of activity in any one country will not be enough to maintain a distinct identity for this field. International networking and the sharing of information is essential to the development of the deafblind field and quality services for deafblind people. To learn from good practice we need to collaborate across national boundaries."


World Federation of the Deafblind (WFDB)

"A nonprofit, beneficial society of national organizations of deaf-blind persons, of deaf-blind individuals, and of other concerned individuals, organized for the purpose of advancing the economic, educational and social welfare of deaf-blind persons, and improving the morale among deaf- blind individuals throughout the world." Publishes the International Newsletter for the Deaf-Blind and coordinates the Helen Keller World Conference (text copies of speeches from the 7th Helen Keller World Conference)

Deaf-Blind Explorers - A non-profit organization dedicated to providing solutions for the travel needs of the deaf-blind


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DeafBlind Services Minnesota (DBSM)

DBSM is a rehabilitation and training program for people who are or are becoming deafblind. DBSM provides training in Orientation & Mobility (O&M), independent living skills, communication, Braille and alternatives to print, computer and adaptive computer technologies. It also coordinates a Support Services Provider (SSP) program and often collaborates with MDBA to provide community events and activities.



These contacts are for citizens so that they can report to public agency their transportation concerns and any ADA issues that they encounter regarding bus service, sidewalks, maintenance, traffic signals, curb ramps, and other issues.

1. Metro Transit: Contact either Jan Dietrich, at 612-349-7555 or contact Sydnee Woods at 612.349.7621

2. Metro Mobility ADA and accessibility concerns: 651.602.1111 or 651.221.9886 TTY.

3. To report ADA concerns that you encounter using transit services around the state outside of the Twin Cities area, contact Sarah Lenz, Office of Transit, Mn/DOT at 651.366.4177

4. To report ADA concerns about Mn/DOT roads, services, activities, or programs: A. Call Mn/DOT's ADA hotline at 651-366-4726. This phone number is available 24 hours a day. Please leave a detailed message and be sure to tell us how we can reach you. You can call our toll-free number at 1-800-657-3774 if you live outside of Metro area. B. Fill out the comment @comment form. Download the comment form and mail it to us. C. Send your comments to: Bruce Lattu, Office of Affirmative Action, 395 John Ireland Blvd, Minnesota Department of Transportation, MS 200, St. Paul, MN, 55155. You may remain anonymous, but providing contact info will help us contact you about your concern. If you have tried calling, e-mailing or writing to us and have had no response and your concerns remain unresolved, please go to this link: , or, contact Bruce Lattu by email: or phone: 651-366-4718 (Call 711 and ask to be connected to Bruce's number.)

5. To report to city or county your ADA and accessibility concerns: contact the city or county ADA coordinator, who may be listed on the city or county website. You may also contact city or county engineer. However, we will always help you find the appropriate contact. Just contact Bruce Lattu (information above) and we will connect you with the agency contact who can help.

6. To get involved with ADA and transportation concerns in the Twin Cities area: Met Council Transportation Accessibility Advisory Committee represents disability interests to the Met Council. Citizen advisory with staff representatives. There may be citizen openings at this time, so please contact them if you are interested. Andy Streasick: 651-602-1662 TTY 651-221-9886 or

7. To get involved on a statewide level: participate in the State Nonmotorized Transportation Committee. This committee is for citizens and others to advise Mn/DOT on biking and walking. You are invited to join us or apply to be a representative when a citizen position opens. Contact:


Minnesota DeafBlind Technical Assistance Project

The MN DeafBlind Technical Assistance Project is federally funded under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). The Project provides technical assistance which supports Minnesota children and youth, birth to 21 years, who have BOTH a vision and hearing impairment. These services are in addition to those provided by schools, and other state and local agencies.


Duluth Lighthouse for the Blind - DeafBlind Program


Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (MN Dept. of Human Services)


Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind - Seattle, Washington


SPARKLE: Supporting Parent Access to Resources, Knowledge, Linkages and Education


Helen Keller National Center - North Central Region (IL, IN, OH, MN, WI, MI)

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DeafBlind Info - Minnesota's Online DeafBlindness Resource -

This is Minnesota's most extensive online source of information about deafblindness and the resources available to people with combined hearing and vision loss, and their families and service providers. Developed and sponsored by the Minnesota Dept. of Human Services. Find helpful links and resources in Minnesota, in other states, and national and international organizations. Explore specialized resource guides for parents of children with dual sensory impairment, deafblind youth and adults, and senior citizens losing their vision and hearing. This site was developed in collaboration with DeafBlind board members of MDBA and parents of DeafBlind children.


National Consortium on Deafblindness


Email listservs



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This section lists information about upcoming conferences of interest to DeafBlind people and their supporters all over the world. Like MDBA events on a larger scale, conferences can provide a wonderful opportunity for DeafBlind people to maintain an important sense of community and make lasting friendships with other DeafBlind people.

No information at this time.

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