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Logo of the Minnesota DeafBlind Association: outline of the state of Minnesota with an "I love you" hand in upper right corner, three pine trees in the lower left corner, and the letters MDBA in braille.  A banner across the middle says "MDBA since 1979"

Minnesota DeafBlind Association


Making a difference in the DeafBlind community for over 20 years.

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"ABC's of Braille & Sign Language" Bookmark

Suggested Donation: $3.00 or more

Learn more:

Bookmark Features:

Each hand-made bookmark shows a positive DeafBlind image:
Option # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 # 5
many hands reaching toward an open book
Love in Braille with I Love You in American Sign Language
hands reading braille
blind person walking with white cane
two people communicating in tactile sign language
Knowledge is Power.
Language of Love.
Braille Reader.
White Cane Traveler.
Tactile Signing.

View a picture of our bookmarks, with text description!

  • Large, high-contrast text and images on light-colored background for easy viewing by people with vision loss.
  • Available in pink, cream, yellow, green, blue, or purple.
  • Non-glare, laminated 8” x 2” construction for long-lasting use.
  • Incorporates actual-size Braille letters you can feel.
  • Tactile, hand-cut decorative edges and knotted yarn tassel.

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How our Bookmarks Help You:

  1. You will learn about…
    • Braille, American Sign Language, and large print ABC’s.
    • Services of Minnesota DeafBlind Association (MDBA).
  2. You can use our bookmarks…
    • as a learning aid,
    • as a communication tool between DeafBlind and hearing-sighted individuals,
    • as a thoughtful gift,
    • as a secret code (Braille and fingerspelling!) decoder,
    • as a bookmark!

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How your Donation Helps MDBA:

Your donation of $3.00 or more helps individuals with combined hearing and vision loss receive training in personal safety, self-advocacy, and other empowering topics. We appreciate donations of all sizes.

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Where to Get Bookmarks:

  • At DeafBlind community events
  • From some MDBA members
  • In selected local bookstores.
  • Contact us to inquire about special orders.

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Home | How to Join | How to Donate | How to Volunteer | Meet the Board
Upcoming Events | Links

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